Trainee Obligations

Just as the trainees have these specific rights, they also have certain obligations to Cayo CET and other Trainees. Trainees shall adhere to all the rules and regulations contained herewith and in the Centre’s Handbook. Lack of Adherence to these obligations will be considered the basis for disciplinary and/or criminal action, including expulsion. Many of these obligations are the same as those expected of employees within the various industries in Belize.

These obligations consist of:

Maintain Personal Safety Standards

Trainees shall observe all safety procedures in classrooms, computer labs, and workshops to avoid injuring themselves, other Trainees, Centre Staff, or damage to Centre’s property. Instructors will provide safety information to all Trainees and strictly enforce them. Failure to observe the following Safety Procedures will result in disciplinary action.

Trainees are expected to observe the Centre’s Safety Code by promising to adhere to the following rules:

  • Observe all safety rules established by Instructors in every classroom, computer lab, and workshop,
  • Not use a machine, equipment, or tool without first having permission from their instructor.
  • Not request permission to use a particular machine, equipment, or tool unless fully instructed in its use by an Instructor for that specific machine, equipment, or tool.
  • Report any accident or injury to an Instructor immediately,
  • Wear appropriate clothing that will not represent a danger during classrooms, computer labs, or workshop sessions.
  • Adhere to the Centre’s dress code.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking in classrooms, computer labs, or workshops.
  • Refrain from littering the campus, classrooms, computer labs, or workshops.
  • Horseplay, loitering on stairways, hallways, classrooms, computer labs, and workshops are not allowed.
  • Use of radios, headsets, tape recorders, electronic games, cell phones, tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices that cause disturbances or distract other Trainees and Instructors are not allowed on campus. Centre personnel reserves the right to confiscate these electronic devices and return them to their owners until the end of the trimester.
  • Trainees will not enter the Centre with drugs, intoxicants of any type, weapons, or any other instrument or substance, which puts at risk the physical safety of the individual Trainee, other Trainees, or Centre Staff. Any Trainee caught in possession of or using any of the above-mentioned substances and/or weapons, which endangers personal safety, will be subject to expulsion. All such incidents will be reported immediately to the police.

Centre Security Officers are empowered to request ID cards of all persons entering and exiting the Centre and to make reasonable searches of all handbags, satchels, and backpacks.

Any Trainee whose behavior endangers the individual Trainee’s personal safety, other Trainee, Centre Staff, equipment, machinery, tools, or buildings will be subject to disciplinary action.

Follow Emergency Procedures

Trainees will be provided with information on Emergency Procedures by Centre Instructors and other Staff. These emergency procedures related to events such as fires, illness, or injury of Trainees or Centre Staff will be practiced and put into immediate action by Trainees in the direction of any Centre Personnel.

Appearance and Personal Hygiene

All Trainees must wear the Centre uniform. The female uniform consists of a CET polo shirt with khaki-colored long pants or skirt, buckle belt, and closed-up shoes. Skirts must reach 1-inch below the knees.

The male uniform consists of a CET Polo Shirt with khaki-colored long pants and buckle belt. Polo shirts must be tucked in, and pants should fit snugly at the waist.

Polo shirts should be purchased from the Centre’s Administration Office for $35.00. Sizes range from S, M, L, to XL.

All Trainees must wear shoes appropriate for the type of training they receive. Trainees arriving in classroom, computer labs, or workshops in inappropriate clothing will be sent home to change, and their absence noted in their records. This dress code is related to safety considerations as it is to the public image of the Centre.

Trainees are expected to exercise a high standard of personal hygiene.


Trainees must be in their classrooms, computer labs, or workshops five minutes before the beginning of classes at 8:00 am and 12:00 pm ready to participate.

Trainees who arrive late for classes or workshops must have a late slip issued by the Registrar. If a late slip is not presented to the instructor, the trainee will not be admitted to the classroom, computer labs, or workshops and will be considered absent.

Appointments with doctors or dentists should be scheduled outside of Centre hours.


Trainees must attend all classes and workshops to keep up with their instructions and studies. Any absence from class or workshop due to illness or emergency must be reported promptly by telephone, and a Medical Certificate must be presented to the Registrar upon the Trainee’s return to the Centre. Failure to attend classes or workshops will be noted in the Trainee’s record and may affect his/her academic progress and Certification from the Centre.

Any absence from class or workshops due to illness or emergency must be reported by telephone to the instructor before 8:00 am.

Trainees are to remain on campus during scheduled classes and workshop times. If a Trainee needs to exit the campus before the training sessions are over, written authorization from their Instructors and the Centre Registrar must be obtained.

Class and workshop schedules are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

One hundred percent (100%) training hours must be completed for a Trainee to be certified.

Trainees are to observe any other regulation relating to attendance.

Use of CET Campus and Equipment

The CET Campus is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. All Centre activities must be completed during that time. The campus will be closed to Trainees and Staff outside of these hours, and admittance will be limited to those having written permission from the Centre Manager. This is a security measure to protect Centre buildings and equipment.

Trainees are not permitted to remove any CET equipment, tools, or materials from the campus or operate CET equipment or tools without direct supervision or authorization from any Instructor or other Staff.

Personal Property

Trainees and Staff are expected to respect others’ personal property and Centre property: buildings, equipment, and tools. No personal property of any type should be left on the campus after hours. The Centre will not be responsible for any damage or loss of personal property. Motorcycles and bicycles should be locked and left in the designated area.