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Programme Description

This level two program is designed to provide persons with a broad base of knowledge, practical skills, and attitudes that are fundamental and required for obtaining/performing entry-level jobs at the workplace. The trainee will learn to fully operate at the Front Office at a high level in any business setting, with the proper attitude and public relations skills, handling all office equipment, supplies, documents, and safety. In addition, at the end of the program, Level II trainees will be able to be computer literate and work diligently and efficiently. These foundational competencies are also the basis on which higher-level training programmes in the occupational area are built, and the persons who complete these courses are eligible for entry into such programmes.

Course content is derived from an analysis of the duties and tasks of the trade. It is designed to meet the requirements of industry and the National Council for Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET). The course aims to develop the relevant knowledge, practical skills, and attitudes in training which will allow them to carry out the duties of their trade effectively.

The course introduces the trainee to career opportunities with Front Office Operations. It focuses on Personal Development, Trade, Professional ethics, and Personal hygiene. The course will equip trainees with high skills, positive attitudes, knowledge, and work ethics necessary to gain employment and progress in the Tourism, Front Office, and Service Sectors.

Programme Features

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    Prerequisites: Tourism Front Office Level 1
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    Duration: 10 Months
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    Assessments: Yes

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