Programme Rating


Programme Description

Competency in Level 1 qualifies trainees with the capacity to transition to the Level 2 Training, prepared with the foundational knowledge, skills, and work Ethic that enables them to carry out advanced tasks with minimal supervision. The Program is of 26-Week duration (600 Hrs.) and Projects include an extensive range of items: Stock, Semi-custom and Custom Cabinets, Hand-Carved Chairs, Kitchen Cabinets, Residential Doors, Beds, Patio Furniture, Plastic-Laminate Cabinets, Coffee Tables, and Wood Carving. Providing Trainees with helpful attributes is an Introduction to SketchUp, a software application used in the rendering of 3-D models, including many Furniture Items.

Modules in Furniture-Making Level II:

    • Advanced Methods/Techniques in using Hand and Power Tools
    • Advanced Joinery
    • Application of Finishes with Spraying Equipment
    • Upholstery (Theory)
    • Construction of Furniture Items
    • Construction of Patio/Garden Furniture
    • Woodcarving

Programme Features

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    Prerequisites: Furniture Making Level 1
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    Duration: 10 Months
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    Assessments: Yes

Hernan Ochaeta


Twenty years as a self-employed artisan in the Furniture Making Industry provided both the professional experience and a firm foundation for me to make a seamless transition to CCET’s Furniture Making Program in 1999; but my preparation as a career Instructor, as it turned out, began long before, my formative years influenced by renown craftsmen who relied on Patience, Diligence, refined Skills and Pride in their work- rather than self-promotion– to establish their reputation. After all these years, instilling similar work ethic in eager but inexperienced trainees has proven to be just as invaluable as the technical skills, ultimately serving to mold proficient, reputable Trainees who might be inclined to a vocation in the Trade.

Easily overlooked and often lost in the unwavering focus to impart comprehensive education in a limited, hectic period of time, is the value of selfless mentorship, perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of my tenure; sharing life-long hobbies and reviving the Centre’s Chess and Art Clubs is an aspiration for the near future – extracurricular engagement that can prove to be as meaningful as it is enjoyable.