Burnadette Penados

Life Skills Instructor

I’m the Life Skills instructor at Cayo Cet. I was a teacher at Belmopan Comprehensive high school for three years and became part of the Cayo Cet family from 2006 up to today’s date. I hold a tourism management degree, however, have been engaged in many life skills and counseling training. My philosophy as an instructor is to have a passion for teaching. I personally believe that we must know and understand our trainees in how they learn. Each individual is unique and learns differently. It is my desire to help young men and women to meet their fullest potential in areas of self-awareness, character and leadership role. I strongly believe that every teenager is unique and deserves the opportunity to become someone in life. My experience as a life skills instructor has given me the opportunity to be more open-minded and be a good listener. I look forward for a fruitful year.

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