The Cayo Centre for Employment Training was established on December 13th, 1995 and includes theoretical and practical learning for the contemporary workforce. Youths, women, and men learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes from basic to advanced simulated work settings.

The Cayo Centre for Employment Training believes that skills training is vital to reduce poverty, stimulate the economy and sustainably develop Belize. Consequently, our institution focuses on providing technical and vocational education and training to residents of the Cayo District with the aim of creating employment and self-sufficiency.

Our programs are designed to help our trainees pursue opportunities in many of today’s promising career fields such as Auto-Mechanics, A/C & Refrigeration, Electrical Installation, Furniture Making, Food Preparation, Front Office, and Tourism Hospitality Management. Our curriculum includes regional standards, and our quality technical and vocational skills training meets Belize’s industry demands. Internal surveys show that 85% of our certified trainees either gain employment or are actively involved in some form of entrepreneurial activity upon completion.

Cayo CET is the leading technical-vocational institution in the country, and we support the rethinking of education and skills training to enhance and develop Belize in a more equitable and sustainable matter.