Any Trainee whose rights are violated has the right to initiate a grievance procedure against fellow Trainees or the Centre’s Staff. It is important to note that Centre Staff also have the right to initiate a grievance procedure against a Trainee for a violation of their rights. Such procedures are a serious matter and will be treated as such by the Centre’s Manager. Trainees or Staff found to have filed false or frivolous grievance procedures will be subject to reprimand and/or dismissal.

A Trainee initiates a grievance procedure by verbally requesting the offending party to refrain from the action, which resulted in the perceived violation of their rights. Should this request not have the expected result, a Trainee may present a written complaint to the Centre’s Manager specifying the event’s nature. The Centre’s Manager will respond to this complaint within five workdays and may schedule a counseling meeting with the Trainee who filed the complaint and the person who allegedly violated that Instructor’s rights. The Centre Counsellor may also be requested to participate in the process. The Centre Manager will inform the Trainee of the resolution of the complaint in writing.

The Trainee’s complaint and the Centre Manager’s response will be filed in the Trainee’s personnel file of the person responsible for the alleged violation.

Trainees or Centre Staff who have violated a Trainee’s rights will be subject to verbal and written reprimands, which will become part of their permanent record. Depending on these violations’ seriousness, offending Trainees and/or Centre Staff may be put on probation or dismissed.

If a Trainee is not satisfied with the results of the Centre Manager’s resolution of a case, a written appeal may be presented to the Centre’s Board of Governors for resolution at that level. If such appeals are made, the Board of Governors will devise a system to examine and resolve such cases.