The core of the Centre’s training programme is the provision of specialized education and orientation to all Trainees to make them valuable assets to the economic and social life of the country. Employment training consists of assisting Trainees to develop positive and useful, attitudes, personal qualities, self-respect, and self-sufficiency in addition to the technical skills and abilities they will need for employment and active life in their communities.

To meet this responsibility, the Centre Staff has experience and training in counseling methods to assist Trainees in developing these traits, skills, and abilities. Centre Staff,  especially the Assistant Centre Manager, Counsellor, Job Development    Officer, and Instructor will co-ordinate their efforts to develop individualized counseling opportunities for all trainees to prepare them for employment and life’s challenges. Trainees should feel free to approach the Assistant Centre       Manager, Counsellor, Job Development Officer, and Instructor for advice on their training and /or problems with Trainees, instructions, or other matters.

Centre Staff will schedule regular counseling sessions with Trainees to gauge their academic progress and development of personal qualities. On occasion, these sessions will be scheduled to deal with potential problems in the Trainee’s behavior and will offer assistance in resolving these difficulties. Trainees and Parents/Guardians should take full advantage of these counseling sessions and see them as positive opportunities for the academic and personal growth of Trainees.


Instructors play an important role in the Centre’s counseling programmes. They should be role models to Trainees and assist them to develop the traits, skills, and abilities they will need to become positive forces in their communities.

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