Admissions Procedures

Applications available from the Centre’s Office must be filled out and submitted to the Registrar.


  • Applicants must be Belizean or Permanent Resident in Belize or possess a Student Visa,
  • Birth Certificate – Minimum 15 years old,
  • Belize Social Security Identification Card,
  • One (1) Recent ID Size Photo,
  • Last Report Card/High School Transcript,
  • Primary School Certificate or High School Diploma
  • Applicants under 18 years MUST bring along Parent/Guardian or Sponsor,

If an applicant’s record is found to contain a deliberately false statement or any fraudulent documentation, the trainee’s enrollment will be canceled, and the trainee will be dismissed.

Trainees expelled for grievous infractions of the Centre’s regulation may reapply after two years. Trainees expelled for lesser infractions may reapply after one year – not the end of the current but the following one.