Catering for Heritage Bank

Every year in November the Heritage Bank holds an event to show costumers appreciation for their continuous support. On November 14th 2014, Commercial Food Preparation and Tourism Hospitality Level 2 catered for this event. This took place in Benque Viejo Town. We prepared food and drinks such as chicken wings, grilled Italian sausages, sausage kebabs chicken and pork Bar-B-Q, smoothies and coladas. Pre-preparations were done a day before at Cayo CET. The materials were packed and refrigerated and ready to be prepared. Food and drinks were prepared at the site to customers order. The area was sectioned for food and drinks, tables and chairs were set for customers to sit and enjoy their meals and drinks. Students were assigned for different sections, cooks, waiters and bartenders.

Lucilla Williams – Trainee (Food Preparation Lev. II)

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